Shopping in York! 

Hello readers,

So this afternoon marked the start of my time off work for holidays! Sadly I’ve got no actual holiday planned, but just some well needed time off getting out places, relaxing & seeing some great people!

I spent the afternoon in York with one of my good friends Chloe. We haven’t seen each other in way too long so it was fantastic to catch up & do what we do best together – shop, chat, laugh, drink coffee & eat! 

The outfit I wore to York I absolutely adore. My high waisted, short skirt that I got from New Look last weekend I would wear every day if I could! It’s so comfy, I love the pattern and it helps to keep my bag in place and disguises any bag bulges quite well. I decided to stay with the monochrome theme for this outfit pick and teamed my skirt up with this cities tee from Primark, tucked into my skirt to hug my figure more and make me feel more confident. I accessorised with this long necklace from New Look & silver necklace I got as a gift & wore black tights & my black Dr Marten’s. It was a chilly day today so I wrapped up & wore a thick, reversible tartan scarf which I bagged in Peacocks’ sale last weekend.  

Today I bought a few things but I thought I would write about the top & shorts co-ord set I managed to bag in Ark’s closing down sale. When I heard Ark is closing down, I was really shocked & a bit flat to be honest as I have loved their clothes & the styles & patterns they have offered. This set immediately caught my eye! I love the heavy pattern & the fact that the top is a crop, yet teamed with the high waisted shorts allows me to show a bit of my belly but not knock my confidence too much. How it looks on me is still not making me the most confident, but I will be definitely braving wearing it out when the weather gets warmer or to a gig. 

I wore my Comfizz stoma waistband (as always) under both outfits.

Have a great weekend guys!

Until next time,

Amy x


Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

Hi readers,

I hope you have all had a fab Valentine’s Day whether single or taken – there’s enough love to go round us all and should be in communities such as the IBD community. We all need support & we all need to know that people are there that love us, whether romantic, platonic, soul mates, best friends or many other types of love. 

My Sunday has consisted of chilling like most Sundays so I do not have a Valentines outfit photo as I look rough to be quite honest!

Thought I’d post a photo of my outfit I wore Friday night though to go out for tea:

My black high waisted skinny jeans and top are from Primark. My brown heeled boots that you can’t really see here are from New Look and my necklace is also from New Look which I bagged in the January sales. 

High waisted jeans are one of the garments that I swear by. They make my life with an ostomy bag so much easier and make me feel more confident and secure. I also wore my Comfizz stoma waistband under my trousers. 

Hope you all have a fab evening!

Until next time,

Amy X

Today’s work outfit.

Seeing as I work in an accountancy firm, I dress smart for work but I always ensure that the things I wear make me feel: a) comfortable and b) more confident.
Today, I wore my trusty & pretty white lace high waisted knickers from Vanilla Blush. I absolutely adore their garments & it’s amazing how wearing pretty underwear can make me feel so much better about myself! The garment is designed so that it doesn’t restrict the stoma but still holds the ostomy bag snug, secure & helps to smooth out any creases & makes any bag bulges less obvious. The garment also has a little pocket inside to tuck the bag into if you wish to, but I leave mine outside the pocket next to my skin.

I also found some grey microfibre thick tights in Tesco’s F&F sale last night for an amazing £2 which I wore today. This product gets a thumbs up from me for warmth, their soft texture & the fact that they too helped to keep my bag snug.

For my outfit, I chose this high-waisted pencil skirt which I bought a while ago from New Look. I absolutely adore their clothes and New Look is definitely one of my favourite for my work picks! The skirt is quite thick and has faint thicker lines horizontally across it which help it maintain a snug fit. I find the colour of the skirt and the design helps to minimise obvious bag bulges and also gives me confidence as it hugs my figure. The top I bought in Dorothy Perkins sale also a while ago (I’m extremely partial to finding bargains!). I adore floral prints and felt that the white and blue would provide a contrast to the dark skirt, tights and also my black work shoes.

I’ve had a busy busy day at work but passed another of my exams yesterday which is great news. I’ve just stopped doing my studying for the evening and I am now going to go whack the electric blanket on and cuddle up in bed with a drink and some tv!

Until next time,

Amy X

A little intro.

Hi readers! 🙂

Welcome to my blog where I will write and post pictures related to my experiences of living with my stoma bag and wearing the clothes that I love.

I am Amy & I’m 24. I am also known as #IBDWarriorPrincess to a few of my IBD friends 😀 I work full time and also study for my job in Accountancy at college. I have had a permanent ileostomy since 2011. More detail about how I got my ostomy can be read on my ‘The story behind my bag’ page via the navigation bar on the right.
outfit belly

I love shopping & fashion & love to feel good in the clothes I wear. Having an ostomy bag has actually enabled me to wear what I love due to me being able to keep on weight and develop curves and more of a body shape in the last few years.

I will be writing posts & posting photos of the outfits I wear to hopefully inspire & show others who have an ostomy bag or may possibly be getting one that you can still wear what you love & stay fashionable. Also, that there are many ways you can keep your bag discreet.

Please feel free to leave me any constructive comments, questions or maybe even a link to your blog if you are a blogger yourself for me to check out.

Thank you for reading!


Best wishes & until next time,

Amy x